As a criminal defense attorney, Ginger Ortiz has worked toward successful resolutions in hundreds of criminal cases.

After graduating from McGeorge Law School, Ms. Ortiz worked for the Santa Clara Public Defenders Office prior to moving to the San Luis Obispo Public Defenders Office. Ms. Ortiz joined the private practice Hurst & Ortiz in 2007 with attorney David Hurst before moving on to open a solo criminal defense practice in 2010 where she has since resolved hundreds of criminal cases, including a police brutality case she and a legal team fought in federal court.

Ms. Ortiz attended the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College (TLC) in 2011, an intensive three-week program run by nationally renowned attorney Gerry Spence that focuses on effective trial advocacy skills for defense attorneys. Since 2014 Ms. Ortiz has remained involved working as a faculty member and is the regional representative on the Alumni Board. Since then Ms. Ortiz has also founded her own TLC working groups in San Luis Obispo and attended seminars throughout California and across the country. 

From cases ranging from minor-in-possession (MIPs), petty theft, and DUIs to domestic violence, sex offenses, "three-strikes" life cases and all serious felonies, Ms. Ortiz offers a free consultation to new clients free of obligation.


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“That’s why I became a lawyer. To help people.”
Ginger discusses a powerful case that reveals her courage, caring and storytelling.

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